An experience for those that give, an experience for those that receive.

Movements of support

One Dollar One Movement provides a platform for individuals to join our community and help support charities on a global scale. We do this by leveraging the social media following of celebrities and corporations to create viral movements of support.

We want to start a movement, and we need you to help it grow!

Movements are built with individuals coming together to create change in the way we give. An experience for those that give, an experience for those that receive.

How we are making an impact

We see a need for new methods of online giving, providing a way to give as well as having a chance for once in a lifetime experiences. This allows you to support charities, it allows charities to support their causes, and allows One Dollar One Movement to provide a fun way of raising financial support.

Ready to be part of a movement?


“I believe in the power behind a community set out to create a movement. Leaders have proven this throughout history by creating movements that still exist today. I want to create a movement to provide to people in need worldwide.”


“I believe that mankind in general is good. During and after disasters, communities and nations rush to help with financial and practical aid for complete strangers. I want to harness that and grow it!”


“I believe in the potential for good in everyone. I want to encourage the good in those that stand by and wait for the opportunity to be great. If I could provide that opportunity; it would change their life and the lives of others…”


“One Dollar One Movement was created from our belief that it all starts with one person, with one dollar, to create one movement. We believe we can create a community of online givers to be the change they want to see in the world.”