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Every experience or product supports a cause. You can enter for as low as $10, and be part of the movement to support that cause. Become apart of our community and be the change that you want to see in the world.

The Winner

The lucky winner, selected at random, is chosen from the community of people supporting the movement. You are now part of a community that has supported an amazing cause together. The charity receives support from a new network of online givers, ensuring that even if you lose, you win by helping others.

The Impact

One Dollar One Movement is an online promotional platform using the power of social media to maximize methods of online giving. When we conduct our promotions, which we call Movements, we take a small 20% slice of the pie to keep the Movement going, while the charities we support receive 80% of the net proceeds.

Follow the Cause

Stay connected with the charity of your choice through the One Dollar One Movement website, and watch how your contribution changes lives all over the world. Connect through our ODOM community blog and join us as we create a movement of support towards causes worldwide.

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